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Jimmy Keady is the founder and President of JLK Strategies, as well as a partner at Point1. Keady has worked on and advised campaigns at every level for the past ten years. Keady has worked for federal agencies, state house campaign caucuses, as a Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill, and as Senior Advisor for Members of Congress. Keady has an extensive background in public relations and communication, as he has directed crisis communications and media training for Members of Congress, Fortune 500 Companies, Small Businesses, and National Events.


He has also been on the front lines of Republican political consulting and managing competitive campaigns coast to coast on more than 50 races. Keady is unique in his field due to his comprehensive political experience. Keady started his political career working on a Congressional mandate as a member of the FDA Legislative Office while working on his bachelor's degree. In 2014, Keady joined Attorney General Greg Abbott’s successful run for Texas Governor. In 2015, Keady was Political Director for Virginia’s Speaker of the House, Bill Howell’s, primary race. In 2016, Keady managed several competitive congressional races, most notably former Congressman Tom Garrett’s win in Virginia's 5th Congressional District, later serving as his Chief of Staff. 


In 2017, Keady went back to Virginia’s House Campaign Committee as Deputy Executive Director. In mid-2018, Keady became the General Consultant for Denver Riggleman’s special election for Congress in Virginia's 5th district, winning the seat by more than 6 points. Afterward, Keady served as Rep. Denver Riggleman's Senior Advisor. During the 2020 campaign cycle, Keady managed several congressional races and Senate races in some of the most competitive districts in the country. While consulting a candidate in the Virginia US Senate race, Keady was able to win a primary by over 65%. In the General, the Republican nominee also garnered the most votes of any statewide GOP candidate. 


In 2021, Jimmy consulted multiple House of Delegates candidates, delivering a landslide victory over a 14-year incumbent in a primary and flipping two highly competitive seats in the general election that secured a Republican majority. 

Jimmy Keady is a Maryland native and graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science in 2012. Keady currently lives in Richmond, Virginia, with his wife, Monica, their son, J.P., and bernadoodle, Chunk. He enjoys crab cakes and football because that's what Maryland does.



Kurt Lofquist served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves from 2001 to 2009 as an Amphibious Assault Vehicle Repairman. He served two combat deployments to Iraq, once in 2003 during the initial liberation and again in 2005, patrolling the Western Al Anbar province for insurgents entering the country from Syria. At home, he was a police officer in Virginia and North Carolina from 2004 to 2011, where he served as a patrol officer and on the SWAT team.


In 2012 he switched career tracks to politics and was recruited by Concerned Veterans for America. From 2012 to 2014, he ran grassroots field operations in Virginia and successfully lobbied Congress to support the Veterans Accountability Act of 2014 after the Phoenix VA Hospital scandal that year. He was eventually promoted to State Director in 2015. During his time leading operations in the state, Virginia became the most efficient and effective state in the organization, leading the company in voter contacts and volunteer engagement.


In 2017, Kurt moved to campaign management full-time and began working with the Virginia House Republican Campaign Committee on two races in Northern Virginia. He has since been involved in several successful state and federal level races, including Representative Denver Riggleman's congressional win in 2018, Delegate Wren Williams's primary victory in 2021, and Delegate Jason Ballard's general election victory in 2021.


Kurt lives in Albemarle County, VA, and has been happily married to his wife Dana since 2004.



Loren Hubbard is a General Consultant and Director of Business Development with JLK Political Strategies who joined JLK in 2019. Hubbard got his start in campaigning by managing Republican incumbent for the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors, Chris Winslow. Hubbard then served as Campaign Manager for Daniel Gade in his campaign for the U.S. Senate in Virginia. On that campaign, Hubbard facilitated Gade’s primary win with over 67% of the vote in a 3-candidate Republican Primary, winning every city and county in the Commonwealth.


In 2021, Hubbard consulted several Virginia Delegate races, including Delegate Kim Taylor’s race who retook a district that hadn’t been under Republican control for decades. With that underdog win the Virginia House Republicans took majority control over the House of Delegates in the Commonwealth. Hubbard has also consulted several Super PACs and Congressional races across the country, including NRCC-targeted races in Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, Missouri, and New Jersey.  


Loren Hubbard is a lifelong Virginian; born and raised in Chesapeake, VA. Hubbard graduated from Hampden-Sydney College with a Bachelors in Government and graduated from T.C. Williams School of Law at the University of Richmond with a Juris Doctorate in 2017. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, hiking, snowboarding, and homebrewing.



Lauren got her start in political media and consulting by working with a conservative political media firm. She worked directly with dozens of big-name conservative influencers by managing and overseeing their social media and content creation. In addition to social media management, she strategically sourced and placed assets for premiere candidate videos. Lauren quickly worked her way up in the firm and was promoted to work in operations and oversee administration. During her time in this role, she built out the back-end of the firm with administrative procedures and operational structures. In addition to her roles in operations and administration, Lauren brought in and broadened client retainers and one-off services. She worked closely with Congressional candidates across the country as a general consultant as well as non-profits in the conservative space. 


Lauren graduated from Belmont University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. She is an Orange County, California native and currently resides in Dana Point with her husband. In her free time, she enjoys spending time at the beach, hiking in the beautiful mountains of Southern California, and frequenting the best coffee shops. She is an active member of the Orange County Young Republicans and enjoys participating in volunteer efforts for conservative candidates.



Jake Matthews is the Director of Media Services for JLK Political Strategies. Jake works directly with all of JLK’s campaign, PAC, nonprofit, and corporate clients to achieve their public image and outreach goals. Jake joined JLK in 2022 and played an integral role in securing critical victories for Delegate Kim Taylor, Delegate Jason Ballard, Delegate Eric Phillips, and several other key races throughout Virginia. In his capacity with JLK, Jake has authored and placed op-eds with multiple national outlets such as Fox News, The Washington Times, Daily Caller, and Newsweek — to name a few. He has also secured our clients earned media and interviews with primetime news programs at almost all major networks.

Before joining JLK, Jake attended High Point University, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and his Master’s Degree in Communication & Business Leadership. Jake previously worked for Congressman Mark Meadows, the 2020 Republican National Convention, and Election CFO, where he specialized in legal and financial compliance for PACs, nonprofits, and political campaigns.

Though he is not a coffee drinker, you can find Jake at the closest coffee shop or on one of Richmond’s many hiking trails.



Specializing in data-driven analytics, campaign operations, and grassroots outreach, Addison joined JLK in 2023 to help provide its clients and candidates with a strategic edge. Since 2019, he has worked on campaigns from school board to the U.S. Senate. First as a political director in charge of grassroots and then as a campaign manager, he led now-Delegate Wren Williams’ campaign to victory in two successive, scorched-earth state primaries against sitting incumbents, winning by 26 and 34 points, respectively. 

Addison also served as a legislative aide in the General Assembly for Williams’ first term as an elected official, during which Addison specialized as a liaison between grassroots activists, lobbyists, and elected officials to help legislative initiatives succeed. 

Addison graduated from Duke University in 2017 with a BA in history with distinction. Having lived on three continents, Addison and his wife, Erica, are now settled in Richmond across from Virginia’s most captivating history and art museums. In his spare time, Addison enjoys competing in online chess, playing guitar, and ministering with his local church.

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