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JLK specializes in political consulting, focusing on communications, political strategy, and campaign solutions for both political and corporate clients. JLK builds out a day-to-day, as well as an overarching, campaign strategy for our political candidates. We do this by providing a unique campaign and media plan, strategic decision guidance, staffing, and branding for the campaign. JLK works to establish clearly what it is that our client wants to say and to ensure that all subsequent public-facing communications efforts are ultimately in service to that overall message. 


JLK’s media services excel at pushing messaging through media outlets and leveraging our existing press relationships to create a plethora of opportunities for earned media. JLK works with our clients to generate press releases, Op-Eds, and pitches for placement and interviews to stay ahead of the press with any developing story that is pertinent to the client. JLK can also create and manage a social media presence as an additional mechanism by which to speak to the media and the general public.

Our Services Include:


•  Political Strategy  •  Strategic Decision Guidance  •  Fundraising Consulting

•  Campaign and Media Plans  •  Staffing  •  Branding


•  Political Strategy  •  Strategic Decision Guidance  •  Fundraising Consulting

•  Campaign and Media Plans  •  Staffing  •  Branding

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•  Earned Media  •  TV and Radio Booking  •  Media Training

•  Drafting and Placing Opinion Pieces


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•  Public Relations  •  Crisis Management and Mitigation

•  Reputation Repair  •  Communications Support Vehicles



JLK and Founder Jimmy Keady have worked on, advised, and managed over 50 campaign races at every level for the past ten years, as well as directed crisis communications and media training for Members of Congress, Fortune 500 Companies, Small Businesses, and National Events.


In addition to nationwide races, JLK has consulted multiple House of Delegates, a landslide victory over a 14-year incumbent Delegate, as well as two who successfully flipped highly-competitive seats in the Virginia House of Delegates.


Keady has served as Chief of Staff for a member of Congress as well as a senior advisor to another. He has managed several congressional races and senate races in some of the most competitive districts in the country. In 2014, Keady joined Attorney General Greg Abbott’s successful run for Texas Governor.

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